Dungeon bosses

Every dungeon has its own powerful boss and HUE / unique rare loot which can be found on any creature within that dungeon. A full list of Felucca dungeons, bosses and the HUE is listed here:

Blighted Grove (No Boss) - Horror HUE 2672

The Queen of Covetous - Grape HUE 1171

Daemonic Temple (No Boss) - Daemonic HUE 1910

The Lord of Deceit - Storm HUE 2740

The King of Despise - Blaze HUE 1161

The King of Destard - Ember HUE 2751

The Lord of Fire - Midnight HUE 2076

The King of Hythloth - Scarlet HUE 2759

The Lady of Ice - Frozen HUE 2746

Jurassic Park (No Boss) - Toxic HUE 1914

The Horror of Khaldun - Arcane HUE 2756

Orc Cave (No Boss) - Sundown HUE 1258

The Painted Lady - Regal HUE 1163

The Guardian of Paroxysmus - Pearl HUE 2720

The Keeper of Light - Electric HUE 2748

Sanctuary (No Boss) - Golden HUE 1281

The Lord of Shame - Elemental HUE 2758

Solen Hives (No Boss) - Twilight HUE 2690

The Beast of Wind - Electric HUE 2741

The Queen of Wrong - Candy HUE 2732

The Guardian of Terathan Keep - Millionaire HUE 1177

Graveyards / Cemeteries (No Boss) - Shadow HUE 1175 & Blood HUE 1194

Exodus gates & Town invasions

Whilst farming in these areas players can find both the dungeon HUE and further Exodus gate HUE / rares. Exodus gates can be found within some dungeons, upon entering players will find themselves having to clear the area of paragon creatures before the main boss appears. Once defeated players are rewarded with gold, paragon chests, power scrolls and a chance at a pet gem or Exodus weapon.

Serpents Hold Invasion - Shimmer HUE 2658

Trinsic Invasion - Rose HUE 2598

Exodus gates - HUEs Ocean 1261 / Tainted 1287 / Terror 2731 / Sunburst 2736 / Mystic 2742

Public Rune Library & Vendors

There are gates at every town bank to the public library & vendor area, this location is inside the guard zone and safe to use by all players. A maximum of two vendors can be placed at this location for free by players, if you wish to place vendors in this area you must contact staff in game via the help section or join the Discord group and contact staff directly there.