What era is UO: Felucca?

Pre-AoS (Age of Shadows) with a Felucca only ruleset, no Trammel. We are not 'era specific' like many other free shards, the shard is set in the greatest era of Ultima Online but still uses some of the later mechanics to enhance the player experience.

What is the skill & stat cap on UO: Felucca?

The maximum skills a player character can have is 700 & maximum stats is 225.

Does UO: Felucca have legendary skills and / or skill mastery?

Players can have 120 skill in Taming / Bard & Crafting skills only, there is no skill mastery but special abilities such as 'Stun Punch' are available.

How many accounts & houses can I have?

Players are allowed 4 accounts each, and 1 house per account so a total of 20 characters and 4 houses per player. If you play with more than 1 person from the same place please join the Discord or message the shard staff in game.

Are factions available?

Yes! Old school faction system is available (Council of Mages / Minax / Shadowlords / True Britannians) we have plans to enhance this system even more. Feel free to join the shard Discord community to share your suggestions.

Is there insta-hit like t2a (The 2nd Age)?

In regular combat there is no insta-hit for polearm weapons, however we are implementing a t2a style PvP event where insta hit will be available.

I can't remember my account name and / or password, what can I do?

Please join the shard Discord community and message the shard staff to regain access to your account(s).

Do items decay in player houses and boats?

Player houses will not decay for 3 real life weeks unless they have been made ageless, this can be done by paying gold or reward scrolls in game or by using an ageless deed. Player boats will decay faster and any items held will be lost if players leave them out in the world, to be safe players should always dry dock their boats.

How old is UO: Felucca?

UO: Felucca was launched on 16th December 2022, it was made as a labour of love and so we have a place to always enjoy Ultima Online in its greatest period with custom added content to enhance the player experience.

Which clients can I use?

UO: Felucca has its own independant launcher & installer available from this website. You can also connect using your existing assists such as UO Steam / Razor ect via login.uofelucca.com and port 2593.

What about donations?

Donations are greatly appreciated and go straight back towards shard running or development costs. A in game store & marketplace will be available soon however for now donations must be made directly to the shard staff. The best way to do this is by direct contact in the shards Discord group. Donations are for cosmetic items & ageless and / or custom player housing, there is no 'pay to win' on UO: Felucca.