UO: Felucca is a free to play Ultima Online custom shard. The shard uses pre-AoS mechanics for excellent PvP but also utilises later game content for a enhanced PvM & crafting experience.

Every character starts with a skill & stat ball so you can dive in and start to play the game we love right away! The "grind" here, is to get from grandmaster to legendary skills in their chosen character template. Legendary skills are available for taming, bard & crafting skills.

The threat of being found, murdered & looted by other players at any moment outside of guarded towns & cities brings players back to the greatest era of UO gameplay where only your skill and experience will allow you to succeed.

PvP duel system & regular tournaments offer rewards for participating players. A bounty system and old school faction system are also available for all players wanting to get in the fight!

Evo pets and pet levelling give more for PvM players to work towards, fight and defeat dungeon and exodus bosses to claim rare gems that enhance your pets even further with buffs such as poison immunity & bonus gold loot.

Holiday events, private farming instances, exodus gates & town invasions add late game PvM content to offer a completely unique gaming experience. This is a world where every dungeon, every boss and every holiday event has its own rare HUEs and loot so anywhere you go there are great treasures waiting to be found! Thieves may also steal certain rare items from creatures across Felucca.

Updated crafting system offers far more than ever before! Legendary skills for all crafting skills and an updated bulk order system allow players to craft many house & pirate ship addons. The pirate system is designed to give players a new UO experience where you can attack or defend trade ships or search out sunken galleys laden with treasure!

A friendly community awaits, feel free to join the Discord group.

Welcome to UO: Felucca!

What will you become?